Punk's dead

(belsen / niels)

A home recording, recorded in june 2005. This is an old song, written 10 years earlier for the band AntiClimax, who recorded it live as a demo. I wrote the song, Niels contributed the bassline, which is quiet nice. The song tells the tale of punkrock and the end of it. It just tells you to get of your asses and form bands, whatever.





A nice little piece of discopunk. Enigmus was originally sent to some close friends for Valentine's day 2004, along with a remix, an instrumental version, a cover of 'Love me and leave me' (originally by the Seahorses)  and a poem, simply called Rondel. Some nice lyrics here, with a slight hint of sadomasochism.





Actually lacking a title, the song is simply called after a word from the first line. Garagerock in it's best shape, Sideburns tells some tales about living and dying, and all along it says absolutely nothing. The music's slightly inspired by the Kinks 60's work, the lyrics just represent my thoughts over the death of rocker Herman Brood and my overall view of them rock 'n' roll heroes.





Probably one of the nicest songs ever written. Originally made by Neil Diamond, sung by the Monkees, in the 90's weakly reworked by Smashmouth. So here's my version, bringing in a hornsection and some smashing guitars, this home recording was made in april 2005. I hope this puts the song well into the 21st century.



Music box

(some classical piece I suppose)

Everyone at my age had one: one of those little music boxes, and once you'd pull the string the music box would wind itself up and play some repeated melody. Here's mine, recorded and digitalized but with the same spicks and specks as in the old days. Starting with the pulling out of the chord, ending with the last fading tones. Sleep well.